Na šta mislimo kada kažemo... Dostojanstven rad

Mario Reljanović

The text What We Mean when We Say … Dignified Work is an analysis of the concept of dignified work, as an operational and concrete achievement of the struggle for workers’ rights. This concept was developed over time from the basic principles of individual labor rights, the strength of the collective and solidarity, social security and social protection, and is operationalized in a number of ways and indicators systematized by the International Labour Organization. By elaborating on each aspect, this text provides a sketch not only of the labor and social law framework on which dignified work is based, but also a clear idea of ​​the socio-economic formation in which it can be realized. In the second part of the analysis, these aspects are placed in the normative, political and economic framework of the Republic of Serbia, in order to show serious deficiencies in their implementation and detail the drastic deviations from labor rights, even some very basic ones. Finally, the last part of the analysis presents ideas on potential actions to improve these circumstances, primarily through a thorough review of current employment and investment policies, as well as relevant amendments to the legal framework that regulates dignified work.

What We Mean when We Say … Dignified Work
Mario Reljanović

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory
University of Belgrade

Institute for Democratic Engagement Southeast Europe

Book Series

16 pages

Year of publication: 2021

ISBN 978-86-80484-65-5