Na šta mislimo kada kažemo... Novi obrazovni sistem

Milica Sekulović, Olga Nikolić

In What We Mean when We Say … A New Education System, Milica Sekulović and Olga Nikolić present possible solutions for the state of modern education in Serbia. The authors depart from the following theses: 1) the basic social problem is not neoliberalism as an ideology but capital, camouflaged by that ideology, and 2) traditional critical pedagogy no longer has critical potential because it has become integrated into the neoliberal camouflage of capital. From these theses, the authors postulate a new critical pedagogy, which would not be aimed only at exposing power relations, nor localized at the classroom, school or program level, but would be directly aimed at analyzing the destructive effects of capital and social reproduction in education. Since capital is in crisis and generates crises, the authors put forward a thesis on crisis pedagogy, based on hate pedagogy and rebellion pedagogy. Such pedagogy could be described as revolutionary critical pedagogy, with some representatives of the critical pedagogy school (McLaren) having already done so.

What We Mean when We Say … A New Education System
Milica Sekulović, Olga Nikolić

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory
University of Belgrade

Institute for Democratic Engagement Southeast Europe

Book Series

18 pages

Year of publication: 2021

ISBN 978-86-80484-66-2