Na šta mislimo kada kažemo... Poboljšanje položaja žena

Adriana Zaharijević

In this publication, Adriana Zaharijević writes about the position of women in Serbia, and the political requirements for changing that position. The text starts with the premise that in a society that cultivates inequality, its members become accustomed to the attitude of desirability of inequality. This belief is further placed in the context of inequality between men and women. Women in this analysis are not understood uniformly, but synchronously and diachronically. This leads to questioning the empirical data – regarding education, income, labor discrimination, “natural” household duties, natality, violence – on the state of women and men in Serbia.

What We Mean when We Say… The Improvement of the Position of Women
Adriana Zaharijević

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory
University of Belgrade

Institute for Democratic Engagement Southeast Europe

Book Series

15 pages

Year of publication: 2021

ISBN 978-86-80484-75-4