The Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory was founded to be the intellectual home of theorists and practitioners able to, above all, work together, building an entirely new, unique counter-institution. At the same time, they actively reached out to others, associations and parties, institutes and institutions alike, on occasion even providing counsel to the government, taking office or becoming otherwise engaged in state affairs.

The ideas and development of entirely diverse philosophers and sociologists (M. Životić, M. Marković, Lj. Tadić, Z. Golubović, N. Popov, S. Stojanović, V. Pešić, Z. Ðinđić, V. Koštunica, D. Mićunović, K. Čavoški, B. Jaksić, S. Gredelj, T. Inđić, M. Savić and others) was always characterized by action and mutually supportive work, as well as its scrutiny and reconsideration. Public engagement, theory and studies in social action and commitment are our way forward and our task. To be engaged as a group with common aims in research and action – this is to encounter others on their own terms, be bound before others and enjoin others to work. It is equal measure engagement (the French word gage is pledge) and jeopardy (the word jeopardy comes from the French jeu parti, an evenly divided game) in seeking to be recognized and accepted by the other, in order to truly act as society’s mortgage.

Petar Bojanić, Director