Open Call for “Zagorka Golubović“ Early Career Engaged Research Award


for the Zagorka Golubović Early Career Engaged Research Award 2020


The Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory is opening tha call for the annual “Zagorka Golubović “Early Career Engaged Research Award in 2020.

The award is intended for a paper published in the past year in Serbian (Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin) or English in a scientific journal or an edited volume. Papers that approach regional (Southeast Europe) or broader social problems in an engaged way will be taken into consideration. The papers should be original scientific articles in the social sciences and humanities. Both empirical and purely theoretical research works are eligible.

The award will be given for engaged scientific work of junior researchers: master’s degree students, doctoral students, or those who have obtained their doctoral degree within the past five years.

Submitted papers should:

  • Serve as an invitation  for others to join the process of reflecting and intervening into social reality – to encourage thinking and action by focusing on themes and methods that challenge dominant narratives;
  • Have a critical intention, an intention to engage – an effort to translate scientific insights into guidelines for acting (i.e., operationalize them); that is, to demonstrate a form of thought that strives to become action;
  • Strive to include a significant number of social actors into thinking about institutional reality and challenging it, which requires a line of argument intelligible to a broader audience, but not at the expense of rigour and quality of scientific insights. Thus, the papers should be written using engaging language.

Applications should be submitted electronically to the following address:, with a subject Application for the Zagorka Golubović Award Competition.

Application should contain the original scientific article, accompanied by a separate document which includes information about the author(s) – name, date of birth, affiliation and address, as well as a brief explanation of how the submitted paper meets the set criteria. The deadline for submission is June 30, 2021.

The awarded paper will be republished in the Institute’s journals – Philosophy and Society – translated into English if published in Serbian, or Kritika – translated into Serbian if published in English. The Award fund for 2020 is 500 EUR.

The award will be presented in October 2021.

Decision on the appointment of the jury for the award Zagorka Golubović 2021-2025.