Politics of Enmity: Can Nation Ever be Emancipatory?

Transition without Justice

The 14th International Law and Ethics Conference Series (ILECS)

Social Justice: New Perspectives, New Horizons
May 4-6, 2016

How to Act together: From Collective Engagement to Protest
19-21 November 2015

Liberalisms and Anti-liberalisms – Challenges and Alternatives
8-10 October 2015

Reflections on Capitalism
22-27 June 2015

Engaging Foucault
5-7 Decembar 2014

Identität – Annäherungen an eine Ontologie des Sozialen
20-22 November 2014

Philosophical Practice as a Profession and as a new Paradigm in Philosophy
15-18 August 2014

What does it mean to win a war?
25-27 June 2014

Why Still Education?
6-8 June 2014

Sacred and Social/Political Freedom
22 Novembar 2013

Philosophical and Economic Analysis of Debt
22 October 2013

Gender and Education in Elementary School
27 September 2013

A magyar filozófia ma – Fenomenológia és társadalom
20 May 2013

Enhancement: Cognitive, Moral and Mood
14-16 May 2013

Mind the Gap – Family Socialisation and Gender
18-20 April 2013

Democracy, Identity, European Integration
8-9 March 2013

Erörterung grundlegender Fragen zum Verhältnis von Biopolitik und Institutionen
11.-14. Oktober 2013

Erörterung grundlegender
Fragen zum Verhältnis von Biopolitik und Institutionen
5-7 März, 2013

Ontology and Politics of Institutions

Corruption and Social Development

Trust and transparency – Towards the new Europe

Pacifism: Still the Isue?

Rosenzweig for beginners

Workshop on “Empirical Evidence and Philosophy”

Das Gestell – Technik, Wissenschaft und die soziale Welt

De la terreur à l’extrême violence

(New) Perspectives in Bioethics

Social Ontology: From Intentionality to Documentality

The State and State-Building: Theory and Practice in Retrospect

Violence, guerre et Etat chez Deleuze

Europe in the Emerging World Order. Searching For a New Paradigm