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Andreas Kaminski: Trust as Virtue

11 December 2020. 13:00 - 14:30

In epistemic and ethical terms, trust is a fundamental form of relationship: in epistemic terms, because it is questionable whether and what we can know without trust, and ethically, because the existence of values without trust is questionable. Currently, two approaches prevail: evidence and assurance. Both not only contradict each other, but also have internal contradictions. Therefore, a third way of understanding trust is introduced, in which trust is considered a virtue.

Andreas Kaminski is head of the Department of Philosophy of Computational Sciences at the High-Performance Computing Center of the University of Stuttgart (HLRS). He is co-editor of the Jahrbuch Technikphilosophie and was speaker of the DFG network "Geschichte der Prüfungstechniken 1900-2000“. His fields of work are the philosophy of testimony and trust, the philosophy of technology and science (especially machine learning and computer simulation), and the history of psychometry. He is a member of the AIEI Group, which has developed a novel method to make ethical principles effective in AI systems (https://www.ai-ethics-impact.org/de).


11 December 2020.
13:00 - 14:30