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Zoran Stojiljković i Dušan Spasojević: Between beliefs and interests – ideologies and organization of the parties in Serbia

18 November 2020. 12:00 - 14:00

This book represents a concise history of political parties in Serbia through the stages of party system development in the last thirty years. This development is presented within the social cleavage approach and focused at the main lines of political divisions and their changes over time: how the most important issues changed and how the actors (parties and leaders) shifted positions in relation to them; also, how the resolution of some conflicts affected the emergence of the new ones. Despite well-known thesis that the parties in Serbia do not have ideologies, authors showed that parties have relatively clear ideological or value-based positions and that understanding of these positions provides us with insight into actors’ behavior and decision making process.

The book is based on the assumption that politics in Serbia can be understood through its value dimension. It is dominated by issues related to our (collective) identity: where do we belong as a society? What are our core values? What is the desired outcome of the transition? The main line of value-based conflict is perceived as a competition between modernist and traditionalist blocks in Serbian politics.

Based on the value dimension, we can also observe differences in the organizations of Serbian political parties. Liberal and modernist parties have more open, participatory structures, with occasional pluralistic and competitive elections. On the other hand, traditionalist parties are homogeneous, monolithic and based on a popular leader. This approach also enables us to analyze new populist and non-party organizations that are becoming increasingly influential in Serbia.

Dušan Spasojević is an associate professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. His main areas of interest are political parties, the theory of social cleavages, civil society, populism and the process of transition in post-communist societies.

Zoran Stojiljković is a professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. He investigates political processes and conflicts in transitional societies, parties and party systems, trade unions and social dialogue, political participation and social movements and initiatives.



18 November 2020.
12:00 - 14:00