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Saša Karalić; Majestic plural – Collectivism in contemporary art and politics

12. March 12:00 - 14:00

Karalić argues that on both (seemingly opposite) sides of the political spectra – on the left as well on the right – there is the tendency to use the state as a final fulfillment of collective desires, and that, in this process, art dissolves into either philosophy or state propaganda. The four segments of this lecture are not connected in a deductive and didactic way, but used as elements of an eclectic mixture, as different parts of the same discussion.
In the segment ‘right Hegelians’, Karalić will talk about the right-wing interpretation of Hegel’s concept of the Objective Spirit, as well as about Hegel’s idea of the end of art or, rather, art becoming philosophy. In ‘Gesamtkunstwerk Stalin’ he will follow the argument of Boris Groys in the book of the same title, that the Soviet Union was the biggest avant-garde and total work of art ever made and in ‘Power 100’, Karalić will shortly sketch political dynamics in the contemporary art world. In the end, in the segment ‘Square’, he will present his artwork from 2012 that indirectly speaks about collective as an ideological construct and about post-ideological constellations.

Saša Karalić is a visual artist and writer. The reoccurring subject in his work is the relation of public discourse to the prevalent ideology. His first novel Three signs of a circle is published in 2020 by Belgrade’s Geopoetika. Karalić is a regular lecturer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.


12. March
12:00 - 14:00