Shared Commitment in Crisis. Social Ontology, Engagement, and Politics

The Group for Practical Philosophy and Social Ontology of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory announces the second social ontology international conference


Shared Commitment in Crisis. Social Ontology, Engagement, and Politics
28–29 September 2018
Conference room, IV floor of the Institute, Kraljice Natalije 45, Belgrade
The main social-ontological issues – collective intentionality, group agency, shared action, joint commitment, plural self-awareness, collective responsibility, among others – are tied in myriad ways to collective engagement. Widely accepted claims tell us that social ontology assumes the differentiation between ontological considerations and political positions, meaning that the examination of social facts and social institutions ought not be normative. However, social reality is nevertheless a result of human group agency and is inevitably subject to normative determinations. Thus, social-ontological research opens new perspectives onto how our world could be different. Therefore, as one of its main goals, this conference seeks to re-examine the idea of shared commitment as engagement with the world. To be engaged does not only mean not being constitutionally indifferent to one’s world, but could surpass the notion of commitment as an explanation for what holds a group together or even how it constitutes itself at all.
The development of social ontology in recent decades – from Searle, Tuomela, Bratmann, Gilbert, and Pettit (the “Big Five” of social ontology), through the analytic examination of the phenomenological notion of intentionality and self-awareness (Schmid), and exploration of social sciences through the ontological lens (Guala), up to the recent investigations in social cognition and philosophy of mind – offers us a rich theoretical apparatus for researching the ontological account of engagement, commitment, rights and demands.
Conference will gather some of the leading authors of analytical philosophy who are investigating current problems of social ontology and collective engagement through different theoretical lenses (philosophy of mind, phenomenology, game theory, equilibrium, etc.).
Conference guests are: Raimo and Maj Tuomela (Helsinki/München), Hans Bernhard Schmid (Wien), Katja Crone (Dortmund), Francesco Guala (Milan), Sophie Loidolt (Darmstadt), David Schweikard (Flensburg), Magali Bessone (Paris), Niels de Haan (Wien), Akos Sivadó (Budapest), Nenad Smokrović (Rijeka).
Conference is organized in partnership with Center for Advanced Studies of South-East Europe, University of Rijeka and Center for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy and supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade, the Italian Institute of Culture in BelgradeGoethe Institute and Heinrich Boell Stiftung.

Conference program with full list of participants can be found HERE.