The book Building of a Counter-Institution

History of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory(I.Cvejić, O. Nikolić, M. Sladeček) is an attempt to represent, through conjunction of different crucial socio-political events, emergence and development of a highly specific scientific research institution. History of the Institute is directly dependent upon different periods of our history, starting from the formation of the praxis group, student protests in 1968, the break up of Yugoslavia and political changes in Serbia. The birth and building of the Institution is not only a result of these processes but its founders and members were also direct actors, not only witnesses. The authors have tried to represent the ways in which this history has created the mode of the Institution that has always existed as a part of and besides state apparatus through a constant critical and self-critical approach. Even though today the Institute and its researchers are not dedicated in the same way to political acting, social engagement remains its main characteristic.

Participants: Vojislav Koštunica, Dragoljub Mićunović, Radivoj Cvetićanin, Sonja Liht, Latinka Perović, Vladimir Goati, Predrag Krstić, Milivoj Bešlin, Želimir Žilnik (tbc) and autors Olga Nikolić i Igor Cvejić