A meeting on reflection theory was held

A conference about the reflection theory was held at Bled, with the split-up between the proponents of dialectical materialism (the so-called dogmatists) and its critics (the so- called revisionists). The latter founded what will become known as the praxis philosophy.


Korčula Summer School and journal Magazine

The start of Korčula Summer School and the journal Praxis, forums for the humanistic-sociological thought in SFRY, that gathered the most important intellectuals from the whole of Europe and established critically engaged theory. Both were terminated in 1974.


Student demonstrations in Belgrade

June student demonstrations in Belgrade. Although the protests ended after the government gave support to the students, the professors from the Faculty of Philosophy who were members of the Praxis group were later designated as guilty.


Decision of the Parliament of the Socialist Republic

By the decision of the Parliament of the Socialist Republic of Serbia eight professors were „placed at disposal“ (suspended) from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade: Mihailo Marković, Ljubomir Tadić, Zagorka Golubović, Svetozar Stojanović, Miladin Životić, Dragoljub Mićunović, Nebojša Popov and Trivo Inđić.


Suspended praxis philosophers were re-employed at the University

Under the pressure of international and domestic public, and in particular of the International Labour Organization, the suspended praxis philosophers were re-employed at the University, at the Centre for Philosophy and Social Theory — newly founded for that purpose as an autonomous labour organization within the Institute of Social Sciences.


The origin of the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory

The Centre for Philosophy and Social Theory has from the very beginning aspired to become an independent institute, but it was facing pressures from the authorities that tended to disintegrate it. Even though the request for independence was submitted in 1985, it was only seven years later – in 1992 that the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory was officially established.


Zagorka Golubović

Zagorka Golubović was born on March 8th 1930 in Debrc, near Šabac (Serbia), and moved to Belgrade in 1933. At age 14 she joined the League of Commun...

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Mihailo Marković (1923–2010)

Mihailo Marković was born in Belgrade on February 23rd 1923. While still in high school, he joined the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia, and t...

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Dragoljub Mićunović

Dragoljub Mićunović was born in Toplice, southern Serbia, on July 14th 1930. He spent his childhood and high school years in Skopje, Merdare, Kuršu...

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Nebojša Popov

Nebojša Popov was born in Petrovgrad (today Zrenjanin), in 1939, and has lived in Belgrade since 1958. He graduated at Law Faculty in Belgrade, and c...

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Svetozar Stojanović

Svetozar Stojanović was born on October 18th 1931 in Kragujevac. He studied philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. In 1962 ...

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Ljubomir Tadić (1925–2013)

Ljubomir Tadić was born on May 14th 1925, near Plužine in today’s Montenegro. In 1941, when he was 16, he joined the National Liberation Army of Y...

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Miladin Životić (1930–1997)

Miladin Životić was born in Ripanj, near Belgrade on August 14th 1930. Upon studying philosophy in Belgrade, in 1953, he taught in high schools in B...

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