Ivica Živković On the Spiritual Causes of the Violence and Extremism Inspired by Religion

The violence inspired by religion comes from certain mechanisms of human behavior, which is characterized by misapprehension or the lack of awareness about the essential idea of the possibility for the inner evolution of human being. In that process of spiritual transformation, the human ego, formed of self-centered concerns, gradually gets supplanted by the superior developed self. The violence and extremism inspired by religion, inevitably arisen due to the certain experience of truth, a concept of the external probity and corresponding convictions, could be exceeded only in the root of the inward transformation, awakening or awareness, and also the rebirth of an individual at the superior level of existence, where the violence never happens.

Ivica Živković is a professor of Religious education. Before that he was a long-standing professor of the Christian ethics at the Serbian Orthodox Seminary School of St. Cyril and Methodius in Niš. He is an author of the textbook on the Christian ethics for the fifth class of seminaries and the textbook of the Orthodox pedagogics for the fourth class of seminaries. He gained his PhD degree at the Orthodox Theological Faculty an the University of Eastern Sarajevo, for the domain of social ethics. He is also the secretary of the Center for Church Studies, the association of the scientific researchers from Niš. The editor of the diocesan review Glas Eparhije niške.