Jean-Luc Marion: The Limits of Phenomenality

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory and French Cultural Centre (Institut Français) invite you to a lecture:

Jean-Luc Marion: “The Limits of Phenomenality”
(“Les limites de la phénoménalité”)

Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, Studentski trg 5
Friday December 4 2015 at 6 pm

In addition to the lecture, the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (Kraljice Natalije 45) will host a seminar dedicated to Jean-Luc Marion’s book The Erotic Phenomenon, on Saturday December 5 at 10 am. Claudia Serban (Université de Toulouse 2) will give an introductory note and the disscusants include Branko Romčević, Časlav Koprivica, Dragan Prole, Igor Cvejić, Igor Krtolica, Mark Lošonc, Nikola Tanasić, Petar Bojanić, Predrag Krstić, Predrag Milidrag, Rastko Jovanov, Una Popović and Željko Radinković.

Jean-Luc Marion, b. 1946, is a member of the French Academia (Académie française) and honorary professor at Paris-Sorbonne University. Marion also teaches at the University of Chicago and holds a chair of philosophy and theology Dominique Dubarle of the Institut Catholique in Paris. He has published numerous books on Descartes, phenomenology and theology (among others, Dieu sans l’être [1982], Sur le prisme métaphysique de Descartes. Constitution et limites de l’ontothéologie cartésienne [1986], Réduction et donation. Recherches sur Husserl, Heidegger et la phénoménologie [1989], Étant donné. Essai d’une phénoménologie de la donation [1997], Au lieu de soi, l’approche de saint Augustin [2008]). Marion’s philosophy could be summarized as a radicalization of the phenomenological principle “towards the things themselves!”

In his philosophy of giving (donation) Marion concludes that hitherto phenomenologies have not been entirely able to grasp the way in which phenomena that cannot be reduced to our subjectivity (for example: time, face, love or death) are given to us. In this sense, we could say that the basic idea of Marion’s philosophy is to remain faithful to the richness of the experience which necessarily surpasses human’s capacities.
From this perspective, Marion reinterprets classical philosophy authors (Augustine, Anselm, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, Spinoza…). Applying such a conceptual prism he has managed to revitalize Christian theology on the one side, and to demonstrate the relevance of history of philosophy as a philosophical discipline for post-metaphysical thinking, on the other.

Apart from the book The Erotic Phenomenon, several other Marion’s articles have been translated to Serbian as well: on Anselm’s ontological proof, Spinoza’s definition of God, on the idea of God in 17th century’s philosophy, and a smaller piece on Descartes.

The lecture and the seminar are free and open to all. Simultaneous translation will be provided.