Digital Sociometrics Laboratory

Digital Sociometrics Lab explores the impact of information technologies on collective behavior and uses digital tools in order to examine society. DigiLab attracts researchers from areas of sociology, philosophy, political and technical sciences from both domestic and international institutions.

Research topics around which the Lab is gravitating are analysis and comparison between groups and their psychometric parameters in social media, as well as inquiry into interactions between online groups, sentiment analysis towards issues, persons or events, significance of influencers in digital economy, citizen journalism and censorship, blogosphere in electoral process, interaction and impact of online media to their users and vice versa, ethics of cryptocurrencies, and digital entrepreneurship.

Methodological merits of our research are automatized analysis of social media profiles (psychometrics) and application of artificial intelligence on data from social platforms (data science/big data/data mining).

Research conducted by the Lab is based on principle of open science. Databases used for writing scientific publications are available to researchers from around the world. Ethical standards of our work are aligned to european directives and guidelines on personal data protection and to the Ethics Code of the University.

Current projects:

  • Media Distortion Index (MIDI): comparison between sentiment and other psychometric parameters expressed by the mass media with Twitter profiles of citizens in order to reach conclusions about impact between these two groups. Creating the methodology to measure MIDI Index in different countries around the world, together with the web application used to conduct real time calculations and publish outcoming values on daily level (live graphs).
  • Impact of weather changes on mood (WeatherPsychometrics): psychometric characteristics of Twitter users and meteorological alterations.
  • Future technologies and their socio-political implications


MembersLjubisa Bojic, Insitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Vladimir Cvetkovic, Insitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Igor Cvejic, Insitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Srdjan Prodanovic, Insitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Zeljko Radinkovic, Insitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Simona Zikic, Insitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Olga Nikolic, Insitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Milan Uroševic, Insitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, and Balsa Delibasic, Insitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Dalibor Petrovic, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Jelisaveta Petrovic, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and Mirko Savic, Faculty of Economics, University of Novi Sad