Laboratory for active citizenship

Laboratory for Active Citizenship is committed to interdisciplinary study of citizens’ participation in public life and actively promotes participatory citizenship as indispensable element of a democratic society.


Activities of the Laboratory for Active Citizenship aim at:

  • Constituting a formally recognizable multidisciplinary research center within the Institute conducting both empirical and theoretical research on active citizenship in the region and beyond, and generating rich database of relevant information;
  • Improving and disseminating research findings and developing international cooperation in the field of participatory models of democracy and civic engagement;
  • Providing support to policy makers and civic initiatives in promotion and implementation of participatory democratic institutions;
  • Improving cooperation between academia, civil society and decision makers;


The work of the Laboratory for Active Citizenship emerges from many years of continuous empirical and theoretical research in the field, as well as from the application of research results in the policy field and international cooperation with various academic and professional networks in the humanities and social sciences. The Laboratory associates have been involved and are still implementing the following research projects: