Lecture and seminar with Dan Zahavi

Intersubjectivity, Sociality, Community: The Contribution of the Early Phenomenologists

Wednesday, 7th June, at 18:00

The Artget Gallery, Cultural Centre of Belgrade

Trg republike 5/I

This lecture will discuss how various early phenomenologists by starting from an examination of empathy and other forms of dyadic interpersonal relations went on to develop analyses of larger social units in order to address questions concerning the nature of our communal being-together. More specifically, the lecture will show how an investigation of dyadic empathic encounters figures prominently in not only Husserl’s but also Scheler’s and Walther’s subsequent analysis of experiential sharing and we-intentionality. Not all phenomenologists, however, agreed with this prioritization of second-person engagement and face-to-face relationships. The lecture ends with a brief discussion of Gurwitsch’s and Heidegger’s alternative approaches.

Seminar with Professor Dan Zahavi

Pre-reflective Self-awareness and Experiential Selfhood: Singular and Plural?

In several recent texts, Hans Bernhard Schmid has argued that a proper understanding of collective intentionality and we-identity requires a convincing account of the “sense of ‘us’” and that headway can be made regarding the latter by drawing on classical theories of self-awareness. More specifically, Schmid argues that the “sense of ‘us’” amounts to a form of plural pre-reflective self-awareness, and as he writes, “Plural pre-reflective self-awareness plays the same role in the constitution of a common mind that singular pre-reflective self-awareness plays in the individual mind”. At the same time, however, Schmid also acknowledges that “there are important differences to consider”, in “spite of the striking similarities between the plural and the singular mind”. This talk will aim to assess these claims. How helpful is the appeal to pre-reflective self-awareness, and might the differences between the singular and the plural case ultimately overshadow their similarities?

Participants: Petar Bojanić, Igor Cvejić, Marjan Ivković, Rastko Jovanov and Olga Nikolić (IFDT), Janko Nešić (University of Fribourg), Slobodan Perović (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade), Srđan Prodanović (IFDT), Ljiljana Radenović (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade), Željko Radinković (IFDT).