Panel Discussion: Reform of What Deformation for What Kind of Form?

On Monday, 14th October, at 5 PM in KC Magacin, the first event organized by the newly formed EduLab: Laboratory of Educational Strategies of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, will take place. The discussion will consider aims, reasons and implementation of educational reforms, the present-day state of education in Serbia and the region, as well as the criteria for assessing the quality of education and the success of reforms. Who should be involved in deciding the educational policies and how? Is there a clear purpose of the reforms currently being implemented? Can we identify any vision which guides the reforms? Finally, which of them are necessary, and which are sufficient, which are extorted, and which are desirable educational reforms? With this panel discussion, EduLab of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory opens public questioning of the educational strategies and the search for answers to the theoretical and practical challenges that the tasks and problems of education are facing us with.

Participants: Boris Jokić, Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb and the leader of the unsuccessful curricular reform in Croatia Aleksandar Baucal, professor at the Psychology Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, former member of the Education Reform Council, National Education for All Forum (UNESCO) and the national curriculum commission, founder and first director of the national Center for Evaluation in Education (currently the Institute for the Evaluation of Quality of Education). Jelena Ćeriman, researcher at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory Ljiljana Levkov, an expert for the improvement of the capacity of the final examination system and the retired professor of the Faculty of Philosophy Nada Banjanin Đurišić, sociology and civic education teacher at the Railway Technical School in Belgrade Nemanja Đorđević, program director for education at the Digital Serbia Initiative.

Moderator: Predrag Krstić