Regional Scientific Center Novi Sad

One of the actions of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory that emphasized its commitment to diversity and engagement was the decision to leave the narrow confines of the capital. Following this idea, we noticed a rather conspicuous absence of junctures in which one could discuss social issues in Novi Sad and Vojvodina, where for decades there has not been any institute devoted to social and humanistic disciplines. Critical and humanist thought in Vojvodina, a Central European region of rich history and plurality of cultural-identities, has in the last three decades been on the decline. Reduced to only one, largely petrified and self-sufficient institution, the humanistic, critical and scientific thought in the province shared the general fate of the society in Vojvodina.

With only several associates and very modest means, The Regional Scientific Center has organized more than fifteen very notable scientific conferences, panels, round tables, lectures, debates, seminars, workshops, etc. These events were held with participation and in cooperation with numerous social scientists (philosophers, sociologists, historians, political scientists, anthropologists, etc.) and activists from our country, the region and Europe. These events have galvanized the scientific and public life in Novi Sad and Vojvodina, attracting hundreds of people interested in the discussed topics and causing considerable media coverage.

A series of lectures on fascism and antifascism was organized, issues regarding multiculturalism in Vojvodina were also analyzed, there was a multidisciplinary discussion on Holocaust, as well as debates on transitional justice, engagement, similarities and differences between democratic transition in Spain and Serbia, we discussed US presidential elections, the migrant crisis… It is important to point out that the Center insisted on diversification of space, since almost all events have been held in different places and in cooperation with various cultural and scientific institutions in Novi Sad and the Province. Thus, the Center realized aforementioned programs in: The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, The Museum of Vojvodina, University of Novi Sad, The Assembly of Autonomous province of Vojvodina, Тhe Gallery of Matica srpska, The Cultural Center of Novi Sad, Novi Sad City Library, Media Center Vojvodina, Student Cultural Center, Jewish Municipality of Novi Sad, etc.

In the forthcoming time, the Center aims to strengthen the debate on important social issues within the academic community of Novi Sad and Vojvodina. Following the values of plurality, dialogue, interdisciplinarity and international cooperation, we plan to organize conferences, seminars, round tables and public lectures on those key topics – starting with regional, national and supranational identities to various ideological trends from 19th till 20th century – that will enhance critical consideration of modernity.

In the spirit of openness, plurality and dialogue in social sciences and humanities, the Regional Scientific Center welcomes to Novi Sad and Vojvodina all those who want to create and realize programs that will reinvigorate the critical and theoretical contemplation of modernity.