Radovanović Bojana

Research Fellow
radovanovic@instifdt.bg.ac.rs, radovanovicbojana@yahoo.it






  • PhD, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
  • MPhil in Development Studies, Development Studies Committee, University of Cambridge
  • MA in Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
  • BA in Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Selected publications

  • (2020) with Simenunovic I. “Who Volunteers in Serbia? Motives and Value Orientations of Serbian Volunteers”, Sociologija, 62(2):269-292.
  • (2019) “Volunteering, Activism and Social Engagement: Boundaries and Overlaps” in S. Prodanović and M. Ivković Engaging (For) Social Change: Towards New Forms of Collective Action, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory.
  • (2019) “Volunteering and Helping in Serbia: Main Characteristics”, Sociologija, 61(1): 133-152.
  • (2019) “Altruism in Behavioural, Motivational and Evolutionary Sense”, Philosophy and Society, 25 (3): 313-322.
  • (2017) “Angažman u vidu filantropije” (Engagement as Philanthropy) in A. Zaharijević, J. Vasiljević (eds.), Angažman. Uvod u studije angažovanosti (Engagement. Introduction to Social Engagement Studies)Institut za filozofiju i društvenu teoriju, Akademska knjiga, Beograd, 149-161.


  • Best Conference Paper Award at 9thInternational Conference of the European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP), 4-5 July 2019, Basel, paper titled: “Conceptualising and Measuring Philanthropy. Evidence from Serbia”


  • Coordinator of the Laboratory for Philanthropy, Solidarity and Care Studies – SoildCare Lab
  • Member of the Editorial board of the Philosophy and Society
  • Engaged in the COST Action CA 18119 “Who Cares in Europe?”, 2019-2023.


  • European Research Network on Philanthropy – ERNOP
  • International Society for Third-Sector Research – ISTR