Iguman Sanja

Research Fellow



Sanja is employed as a researcher fellow at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory, University
of Belgrade.

Sanja’s main areas of interest are natural and cultural heritage, their dissonance, politics, (mis)use, neglect and interpretation in public space. She also explores the concept of cultural and urban landscapes in the aforementioned contexts. She is active in local community, especially in dealing with problems related to endangering natural resources, as well as cultural goods in public space.



  • 2019-2020

Post-doctoral fellowship in the academic disciplines of Demography, Ethnography and Anthropology. Bergamo University.

  • 2014-2018

Doctoral Degree in Intercultural Humanistic Studies, Bergamo University.

Doctoral dissertation title: Heritage re-Interpretation as a tool for rethinking layered Identity Issues. Belgrade: Confluence-Encounter of East and West.

  • 2011-2014

Master’s degree in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems, University of Bergamo.

  • 2010-2011

Master’s degree in Modernisation of Japan, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University.

  • 2002-2009

Bachelor degree in Japanese Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University.





  • Iguman, S. (2020). HERITAGE RE-INTERPRETATION AS A TOOL FOR RETHINKING LAYERED IDENTITY ISSUES. Belgrade: Confluence-Encounter of East and West. Collana della Scuola di Alta Formazione Dottorale, Bergamo University. ISBN: 978-88-940721-8-1


Articles in journals:

  • Ničić M. & Iguman S. (2019), Postsocialism and „ordinary“ tourism: New Belgrade. In: International Journal of Tourism Cities 5 (3). 307-325. Bingley: Emerald Publishing, ISSN: 2056-5607.


Chapters in books:

  • Iguman S. (2020), If visitors won’t go to Heritage, Heritage must go to visitors. Digitisation of Heritage in time of Corona. In: Tourism facing a pandemic: from crisis to recovery, (ed.) Federica Burrini. 165-172. Bergamo: Università degli studi di Bergamo. ISBN: 978-88-97253-04-4.
  • Bonadei R. & Iguman S. (2019), Heritage Practices Today. Shifts and Impacts. In: E-Cul-Tours, Enhancing Networks in Heritage Tourism,(eds) Rossana Bonadei, Werner Gronau, Elizabeth Kastenholz & Albina Pashkevich. 15-36. Rome: Tabedizioni, ISBN 978-88-31352-30-7
  • Iguman S. (2018), Strati mancanti e contesti confusi nella struttura della metropoli post-socialista. Il caso di Belgrado, Serbia. In: Città come frontiere creative, visioni, pratiche, progetti, (eds) Rossana Bonadei, Sergio Cavalieri, Flaminia Nicora & Maria Rosa Ronzoni. 159-168. Torino: L’Harmattan Italia. ISBN: 9788878923461.