Fiket Irena

Research Fellow,





PhD, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, University of Rome, La Sapienza BA/MA, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna


Main research topics that I worked on whilst at Universities of Florence, Siena, Bologna and Oslo as a postdoc, include citizen participation, democratic innovation, deliberative democracy, European identity, European public sphere, European Higher Education and the Western Balkans. On those topics I published more than 15 peer reviewed papers or chapters and held more than 30 presentations, seminars or public lectures. I am one of the founders and a member of the Standing Group on democratic innovation at the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) and the president and one of the founders of Club 500, NGOs with a mission to improve the quality of higher education, research and scientific production in Serbia.


Selected Publications:

  • 2019 (forthcoming), (with Pudar-Draško i Vasiljević), Small Steps and Big Dreams: Comparative Perspective on Social Movements’ Struggle for Democracy in Serbia and North Macedonia,  Southeast European and Black Sea Studies
  • 2018, (with B. Delibašić, G. Pudar Draško) (ed.), Univerziteti između meritokratije i patrijarhata: Žene i moć delanja, Beograd: Institut za filozofiju i društvenu teoriju Univerziteta u Beogradu.
  • 2018, (with Saša Hrnjez i Davide Scalmani) (eds.), Cultures in Translation: A Paradigm for Europe, Mimesis International, ISBN 9788857554341
  • 2017, (with Danilo Di Mauro), “Debating Europe, Transforming Identities: Assessing the impact of Deliberative Poll treatment on identity”, Italian Political Science Review, Cambridge Journals,
    (awarded by The Giovanni Sartori Prize
  • 2017, “Formiranje aktivnog i tolerantnog građanstva. Potencijal i ograničenja deliberativnog modela demokratije”, Angažman: uvod u studije angažovanosti. Novi Sad: Akademska knjiga.
  • 2014 – (with Espen D. H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz) – “Confronting European diversity: Deliberation in a Transnational and Pluri-Lingual Setting’”, Javnost—The Public, journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture.
  • 2014 – (with Marlene Gerber, André Bächtiger, Irena Fiket, Marco Steenbergen and Jürg Steiner),  “Deliberative and non-deliberative persuasion: Mechanisms of opinion formation in EuroPolis.” European Union Politics.
  • 2014 – (with Di Mauro Danilo) – “Discovering Europe? Identity of the Migrants in the EU” in European Integration: Perspectives and Challenges. How ‘Borderless’ is Europe? edited by: István Tarrósy; Ágnes Tuka; Zoltán Vörös; Andrea Schmidt, ISBN 978-615-5457-24-1
  • 2013– “How deliberation increases democracy support” (with Memoli V.), in Participatory Democratic Innovations in Europe: Improving the Quality of Democracy?, Edited by Brigitte Geissel & Marko Joas,  Barbara Budrich Publishers.
  • 2013 – “Qualità della deliberazione e capacità deliberativa: un’analisi comparata delle esperienze italiane” (with Francesco Olmastroni and Pierangelo Isernia) in Luigi Bobbio (edt.), La qualità della deliberazione. Studio sui processi dialogici tra cittadini. Roma: Carocci.
  • 2013 – “But still, it (does not) move. Functional and identity based determinants of European Identity” (with Isernia P. and Serrichio F.) in Citizens and the European Polity: Mass Attitudes Towards the European and National Polities, Edited by David Sanders, Pedro Magalhães, André Freire, and Gábor Tóka, Oxford University Press.
  • 2012 – ‘Supporting Democracy in Austria and Europe: Improving Democracy through Popular Deliberation’, (with Vincenzo Memoli), Innovative Democracy, vol. 1 (Institutions), issue 2, 2012
  • 2012 – “Financing of political parties in Western Balkans: Closer to Europe, further from corruption?” (with Stefano Braghiroli), La revue Transitions special issue: Le financement des partis politiques dans l’space post-communiste. Impacts sur les organisations et systèmes partisans, édité par Lou Brenez and Jean-Michel De Waele, vol. 52,  n° 1


Current Activities:

2018- 2021, Academic coordinator, Jean Monnet Network –Active citizenship: promoting and advancing innovative democratic practices in the Western Balkans,

2019- 2022, a leader of the national team, Cultures of Rejection: Conditions of Acceptability in Socio-Spatial and Digital Environments in Contemporary Europe [CURE], project funded by Volkswagen-Stiftung,

-Member of ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) Standing Group on Democratic innovations.

-Member of Italian Political Science Association (SISP),

-Member of NKEU National Convention on the EU for chapters 25 i 26 (education and culture),

-Member of International Association for Public Participation (IAP2),