Petrović Luka

Research Assistant,






  • 2017 – BA in Political Science, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • 2017-2019 – MA in Political Science, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • 2019 – PhD student Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade


Luka Petrovic is a PhD student of political science at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Belgrade University. He completed his undergraduate studies at the same faculty, where he was the best student in the cohort. He got his Master degree at the same faculty in the Democracy and Democratization program, defending his master thesis named „Two Dimensions of Justice: The Relationship of Redistributive Politics and the Politics of Recognition”. In the 2017-2018 school year, he was a Junior Teaching Assistant in the Contemporary Political Theory at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade.

The focus of his research interests are contemporary political theory, in particular the theory of justice, the politics of recognition and redistribution, as well as contemporary theories of democracy.



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Bradaš, S. i Petrović, L. (2019) Protiv prekarnog rada – za dostojanstven rad. Beograd: Fondacija Centar za demokratiju

Petrović, Luka, „Limits of the Politics of Recognition Politics in Redistribution Requirements“, Yearbook of the Faculty of Political Science University of Belgrade, 14(23), 2020, pp. 39-59

Petrović, Luka, „ Citizenship, Nationalism and the Constitutional Democratic State“,  Culture of Polis  43(17), 2020, pp. 195-208



2019-. Social memory and national identity politics: regional and European context, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory