Žarković Petar

Research Associate



Petar Žarković is PhD student at the Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. His fields of scientific research are political and social history of socialist Yugoslavia 1945-1991, Yugoslavia and the Cold War, intellectual history.



Žarković, P. (2015), SSDP, Dimitrije Tucovic and Yugoslav communists, in: New „readings“ of Dimitrije Tucovic: 100 years after,. ed. Momir Samardžić, Milivoj Bešlin, Novi Sad, Serbia, 21-51. (published in Serbian).

Žarković, P. (2017), SIP conception of the Yugoslav foreign policy: SIP in the centre of interparty disputes, Currents of History, 1 (2017), 97-121. (published in Serbian).