Seminar with Damir Smiljanić on the book Athmosphere of Death


Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, 4th floor, June 26 at 12:00 am.

The book Atmosfera smrti is a third book in the series of notes on foundation of synesthetic philsophy where the authors considers the phenomenon of death from the syenthetic point of view. Synesthetic is more a way of thinking than a scholarly discipline. It it located in a border space between theory of knowldge, phislophy od body, theory of feeling and phislophy of language. Smiljanic sees synesthetic as an elaboration of thesis represented in the context of the so-called New Phenomenology inagurated by German phislopher Hermann Schmitz. New phenomenology places live (senstive) body in the center of phislophical investigation while avoiding naturalist reductionsim and psychological intrejective hiposthasis of soul as something “interior”. Fellings are  conceptualized as sort of atmosphere that grasp a human from the outside, and not as something closed in the “cage of a soul”. In his book Athmosphere of Death, the author tries to represent death as an athmosphere an not as a singular event. Death is not only an irreversible cut of vital functions of an organism, it is also that which surrounds the human in showing her its fragility and ephemerality. The specific modus of apperance of death, author describes as  hidden unhidden – death is everywhere even when not percieved directly. Special attention is dedicated to the figure of zombie that serves him to illustrate powerlesness of society to struggle with the omnipresence of death but also with its own inability to offer a meaningul response to the challenge of death as a way to treat out own mortality with dignity.

Participants: Olga Nikolić, Igor Cvejić, Mark Losoncz and Željko Radinković (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory), professor Irina Deretić (University of Novi Sad), Davor Lazic, Mihajlo Stmanekovic (University of Novi Sad).

Moderator: Željko Radinković (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory)

Damir Smiljanić (1972) is professor at the Department of Philosphy at the Faculty of Phislophy in Novi Sad since 2007. He got his bacherlo’s, master’s and PhD degree in Germany at the Friedrich–Alexander University in Erlangen–Nürnberg where he studied philosophy with theater, media science and sociology. He teaches theory of knowledge, philosophical methodology, philosophy of language and philosophy of media. He published the following books: Philosophische Positionalität im Lichte des Perspektivismus. Ein metaphilosophischer Versuch (Tectum, Marburg 2006), Sinestetika. Skica patičke teorije saznanja (Adresa, Novi Sad 2011), Iritacije. Sinestetički ogledi (Adresa, Novi Sad 2014), Aporetika. Nacrt filozofske metodologije (Akademska knjiga, Novi Sad 2016), Atmosfera smrti. Studija iz sinestetike (Adresa, Novi Sad 2018). He published reguraly in the field of metaphislophy, theory of knowldge, philosophy of media and other disciplines. He translated the following books from German to Serbian: Vilhelm Šmid, Lep život? Uvod u životnu umetnost (Svetovi, Novi Sad 2001), Bernhard H. F. Taurek, Filozofirati: učiti umirati? Ogled o ikonološkoj modernizaciji naše komunikacije o smrti i umiranju (Adresa, Novi Sad 2009), Bjung-Čul Han, Premoreno društvo (Adresa, Novi Sad 2015), Imanuel Kant, Metafizika prirode. Odabrani spisi (Akademska knjiga, Novi Sad 2016 – četiri teksta u okviru tog zbornika), Herman Šmic, Kratki uvod u Novu fenomenologiju (Akademska knjiga, Novi Sad 2018). For his Atmosfera smrti he recieved the best book award in 2018 by the Society of Writers of Vojvodina