Social and Negative Social Acts, edited by Petar Bojanić i Miloš Ćipranić

The focus of texts in this book is a description and definition of two fundamental kinds of acts within the framework of intersubjective relations: social and negative acts. While the first kind has a conceptual form, to be externalized and geared toward the other, one or more addressee, negative acts are characterized by postponment of some action, its intentaional and nonintentional nonacting. The book sheds light on one of the key problems for social ontology by juxtaposing texts by authors that belong to the «continental» and «analytic» tradition of philosophy, Adolf Reinach («Social Acts» and «Social and Antisocial acts») and Gilbert Ryle («Negative actions»), with introduction by Petar Bojanić.

Social and Negative Social Acts / edited by Petar Bojanić i Miloš Ćipranić, translation from German by Una Popović and Željko Radinković, and English by Marjan Ivković. Beograd – Novi Sad, IFDT – Akademska knjiga, 2018, 100 pages. ISBN: 978-86-80484-29-7