Targeting Anti-Gender Politics

Targeting Anti-Gender Politics is a series of lectures elaborating anti-gender discourse in the South-East of Europe and the Caucasus. In 2021, GenLab of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory will be gathering scholars researching this phenomenon. GenLab is the Gender Research Laboratory which combines empirical research and theoretical analysis, as well as application of research results in the field of policies, professional development of education staff and international cooperation with various professional networks in the field of humanities and social sciences.

During spring semester 2021, we will host four lectures.

March 15th, 2 PM – 4 PM (CET)

Slobodanka Boba Dekić, University of Belgrade/FATIGUE

“Politics or Policies? Confronting Anti-Gender Narratives on Family and Gender by LGBT Organizations in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia”

Slobodanka Boba Dekić will be discussing the dominant narratives on the traditional families framed in line with the anti-gender understanding of the term, and the potential and readiness of the local LGBT organisations to substantially challenge them. Dekić will put a particular stress on organisations from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

April 7th, 2 PM – 4 PM (CET)

Marija Antić and Ivana Radačić, Institute of Social Sciences "Ivo Pilar"

“The Evolving Understanding of Gender in International Law and 'Gender Ideology' Pushback”

Marija Antić and Ivana Radačić will elaborate on the use of the term gender in international human rights law, with a particular attention to the social constructionist definition of gender in Istanbul Convention. It will be argued that anti-gender discourse has a strong potential to undermine the developments in the domain of gender equality, only 25 years after the Beijing conference on women.

May 3rd, 2PM –  4 PM (CET)

Ruzha Smilova, Sofia University

“Constitutionalism and Democratic Backsliding: The Turn against ‘Genders’ in Bulgarian Constitutional Discourse”

Ruzha Smilova will analyse how the Bulgarian Constitutional court produced one conceptual and ideological innovation when it declared in 2018 that Istanbul Convention violates the Constitution of Bulgaria. This can be seen as a radical turn away from human rights protection and an important sign of post-accession democratic backsliding.

June 1st, 2 PM –  4 PM (CET)

Siran Hovhannisyan, Yerevan State University

"Studying Gender in Armenia: Research, Politics, and the Wake of Anti-Genderism"

Siran Hovhannisyan will elaborate on the public mis/understanding of the concept of ‘diversity’ in Armenia, which also had a strong impact on how ‘gender’ came to be defined in gender studies and feminist research. Anti-gender movements portray gender researchers and activists as anti-national, thus restricting not only the scope of the research itself, but also disabling public discussions on these issues.