Kristina Bojanović The trace of the Other: Some Aspects of feminist critique of Levinasian notion of feminine

In this lecture, my aim is to explore one of the most fruitful and interesting consequences of Emanuel Levinas’ complex thought, which is a feminist critique of his notion of feminine. Can originality of Levinas’ description of identity and his radical elaboration of the concept of the Other lead us to think that woman is different from, other-than man in non-inferior ways? Or, has Levinas “kept her at home”, at the place traditionally assigned to her? Does Levinas, by speaking of the feminine, speak of the Other at the heart of his philosophy, or should we, on the contrary, categorize him within the male economy of the Same? The analysis will also refer to the unbreakable bond between the feminine and the Other with other important themes of Levinasian philosophy: eros, fecundity, fatherhood and motherhood as well as hospitality.

Kristina Bojanović (1984, Podgorica) is a philosopher, translator, and gender theorist. She edited two volumes on Giles Deleuze, Images of Thought and Freedom, Violence, Identity as well as ten books in edition Aletheia/fragmenta philosophica by Oktoih publisher where she was also an editor. She translated numerous books and texts from French and English.