Marija Milojković Philosophical foundations of corpus stylistics

Post-Wittgensteinian philosophers of language, namely Austin, Grice and Searle, depart from logical atomism and the idea that language as code reflects the structure of the world. Instead, aware of the multiple meanings that may be ascribed to an utterance, they opt in favour of the contextual approach. Corpus stylistics studies authorial expression at the level of word combinations in its context of situation (Firth 1957) by establishing how it deviates from the reference corpus norm. This norm is viewed not only as a frequency list of lexico-grammatical collocations, but also as a sample of the world as well as of the language. By bringing together particular expression, language as a system and its contextual dimension, corpus stylistics revives logical atomism.

Marija Milojkovic is Senior English Language Instructor at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, teaching Contemporary English at the English Department. She applies the corpus stylistics approach to literary stylistics, translation, linguistic expertise and student writing. She publishes in English and Russian, and her most prominent publication to date is Corpus stylistics as Contextual Prosodic Theory and Subtext, co-authored with Bill Louw.