Seminar on Luigi Caranti’s book “Kant’s Political Legacy. Human Rights, Peace, Progress”

This book focuses on Kant’s analysis of three issues crucial for contemporary politics. Starting from a new reading of Kant’s account of our innate right to freedom, it highlights how a Kantian foundation of human rights, properly understood and modified where necessary, appears more promising than the foundational arguments currently offered by philosophers. It then compares Kant’s model for peace with the apparently similar model of democratic peace to show that the two are profoundly different in content and in quality. The book concludes in analysis of Kant’s controversial view of history to rescue it from the idea that his belief in progress is at best over-optimistic and at worst dogmatic.

Luigi Caranti (Ph.D. Boston University) is associate professor of political philosophy at the Università di Catania. He worked as researcher in various international institutions including the School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University, the Australian National University and the Philipps-Universität – Marburg. His studies mainly concern the philosophy of Kant. Caranti has provided contributions on the theoretical, practical, aesthetic and political dimensions of Kant’s thought. Recently, his interests focus on the theory of human rights, democratic peace theory, and the scientific and philosophical debate concerning the causes of world poverty. Caranti has directed projects funded by the European Commission. In particular, the EU-Australia student and faculty exchange program and 6 research projects (4 Marie Curie grants, 3 DAAD grants) for which he has attracted about 1.3M€. Caranti is the author of five monographs including Kant’s Political Legacy. Human Rights, Peace, Progress (UWP 2017) and Kant and the Scandal of Philosophy (University of Toronto Press 2007). Caranti has published in national and international peer reviewed journals such as Journal of Political Philosophy, Journal of International Political Theory, Kant Studien, Theoria, Journal of Human Rights, Rivista di Filosofia.

Participants: Bojan Kovačević (Fakultet Političkih Nauka), Miloš Marković (Pravi Fakultet), Olga Nikolić, Aleksandar Fatić, Igor Cvejić i Rastko Jovanov (IFDT).