The Camp and the Conference will take place at the Institute of Philosophy and
Social Theory and the Faculty of Media and Communications main buildings,
respectively. Both are located in the inner-city centre of Belgrade:


The Camp Venue: Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory
45 Kraljice Natalije Street,
Belgrade 11000

The Conference Venue: Faculty of Media and Communications
65 Karađorđeva Street,
Belgrade 11000


How to get from Belgrade Airport to the City Centre

  1. Mini-Bus/Shuttle A1

The mini-bus A1 runs every 50 minutes, 7 days a week, and only takes 30 minutes to reach the Slavija Square, in Belgrade’s city centre. A one-way ticket from Belgrade airport to the city centre of Belgrade costs €2.55 (300 RSD). Please note that you can purchase your ticket directly from the driver on board, in the local currency. You can find an exchange office at the airport. The mini-buses leave the Belgrade airport from a bus stop located outside the Terminal’s Arrivals Hall. We strongly recommend this option for your transportation from and to the airport.

  1. Taxi

Belgrade airport has a fixed-fare scheme for taxi rides from the airport to all destinations, and taxi fares are divided into zones of travel. A trip from Belgrade airport to the city centre costs c. €15 (1,800 RSD), as it is located in Zone 2. Please note that in order to get a taxi, you will first need to get a paid slip for your journey at the Taxi Information counter in the ‘Baggage Claim’ hall. You will then need to hand your slip to the first available taxi driver before starting your journey. Also, you can download the Car go app and schedule a ride to and from the airport, and use the app for other destinations as needed.

  1. Public transport – Bus

Bus line 72 leaves Belgrade airport and stops at Zeleni Venac Square, with a travel time of 35 minutes. Moreover, the bus is available daily and runs every 30 minutes. How much is a bus ticket from Belgrade Airport to downtown? A one-way bus ticket from BEG to Belgrade city centre costs €0.76 (89 RSD) when purchased at the private (paper and drinks) kiosks before boarding or €1.28 (150 RSD) when purchased on board. All the airport buses leave Nikola Tesla Airport from bus stops located outside the Terminal’s Arrivals Hall.

Getting around Belgrade City Centre

Belgrade City Centre is not widely spread out, featuring a diameter of roughly 5 km. Accordingly, for the best experience of the city’s unique vibe and local culture we highly recommend walking around. However, if you prefer motorized alternatives, please see the options below.

  1. CarGo App

Belgrade doesn’t have Uber, but it does have the local version known as CarGo, which is likely the safest, cheapest and most convenient way to get across town.

  1. Public Transport – Trolley and Bus

If you don’t mind public transport, we recommend hopping on a bus or trolley in order to truly experience candid Belgrade. All public transport use a Bus Plus card payment system, so it would be smart to invest in one before hopping on a bus, in case of the rare occurrence of controllers. You can purchase a Bus Plus card and top it up with credit at most of the  (paper and drinks) kiosks spread across the city. Please note that most of the kiosks do not accept credit cards so be sure to have cash ready. The card costs c. 2 EUR (250 RSD) and credit for a 90 minute ride is €0.76 (89 RSD) when purchased at the kiosks. One way ticket purchased on board a public transport vehicle costs €1.28 (150 RSD) when purchased on board – please note that the drivers can take cash only.

  1. Taxi

Taxis in Belgrade are comparatively cheap to the rest of the world. Our recommendations are Lux Taxi, Pink Taxi and Plavi Taxi. Most vehicles don’t offer card payments, so make sure to ask for one while booking.



 Where to stay 

Please note that there is a wide variety of options for booking a pleasurable stay in Belgrade, whether you are looking for a cozy apartment or would feel more comfortable at a hotel. We would recommend booking your stay through the usual channels, such as or AirBnB. Alternatively, please also check out the hotels listed below as they come with the Organisers’ warmest recommendations.

Argo Hotel

  1. Kralja Milana 25

Envoy Hotel 

  1. Čika Ljubina 13

Jump Inn Hotel

  1. Koče Popovića 2

Mark  Hotel 

  1. Resavska 29


Savamala b&b

  1. Kraljevića Marka 6


Wine and Dine

Belgrade is famous for its food and the wide range of restaurants and fast-food joints in the city are sure to satisfy everyone’s taste. Feel free to explore the city’s gastro map or visit one of the places listed below.

Black George

  1. Karađorđeva 65

Piazza dei Fiori

  1. Njegoševa 9


  1. Gospodar Jovanova 45a | Kralja Petra 73 | Molerova 33


  1. Mišarska 7



Please note that the official currency of Serbia is the Serbian Dinar. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels and shops, and nearly all ATMs accept international bank cards. Currency Exchange Offices in Belgrade (including at Belgrade Airport) accept Sterling, US Dollars and Euros.

Kindly exchange money at the banks or the official exchange offices. Note that banks have lower exchange rates than the official exchange offices. The spread between buying and selling rates is 2-3 %. Official exchange offices will offer the best currency exchange rate without any commission fee. Please note that they are obligated to inform you, before the transaction, how much money will you get, and give you a receipt.