Donor: Center for the Promotion of Science

Lead Partner: Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory


IFDT Research Team: Andrea Perunović, Sara Nikolić, Srđan Prodanović, Igor Cvejić, Sanja Iguman, Filip Balunović

Sound of Thoughts is the podcast of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade. The core idea of the Sound of Thoughts is to offer to the regional audience a number of quality talks led in the fields of theory, philosophy, humanities and social sciences. The scope of each talk is directed on the work, engagements and interests of the interlocutor, but also on actual (global and regional) events and contexts, or more on emerging trends in science and theory. Through the talks directed in his fashion, the audience will obtain an each time different and interesting, scientifically funded insight in various relevant topics. We will listen how the concept resonate, how theories and researches are composed and how thoughts become, migrate and change in the contemporary world. Phenomena like society and subjectivity, knowledge and thought, morals and ethics, politics, ideology, art, culture, education, economy and many others, will be saw through the lens of engagement. Finally, the horizon of the Sound of Thoughts will focus on the promotion and strenghtening of engaged conaciousness, thought and action, by the means of an effective and popular media as podcast.