Prodanović Srđan

Srđan Prodanović is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory at the University of Belgrade. He completed his undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade (department of sociology). The focus of his research is the connection between theory and practice.

In recent years, he has been particularly devoted to the study of the following areas:

  1. Contemporary social theory
  2. Philosophy of social sciences
  3. Interpretative sociology
  4. Sociology of everyday life
  5. Theories of social change

Latest publications

  • Prodanović, S., (2022) “The Structure of Common Sense and Its Relation to Engagement and Social Change – A Pragmatist Account.” Zeitschrift Für Soziologie 51 (3): 211–226.
  • –,Krstić, P. (2021) In Praise of Mistake, Belgrade: IFDT.