Mevorah Vera

Vera Mevorah is a research fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade (IFDT). Her PhD thesis, awared in 2016, is a pioneer study of Internet and art in Serbia. She received her BA/MA at the Music Academy in Belgrade. She is a professional flute player and experienced informal educator and activist. Main fields of her research are the study of digital culture and information society, Holocaust representation and contemporary and digital art theory. She was the coordinator of ShoahLab: Holocaust Studies Laboratory IFDT (March 2020 – January 2022) and academic coordinator for Open Society University Network (December 2020 – March 2022). She is a member of the Steering Committee of the WHISC – Women in the Holocaust International Study Center (MORESHET) and Steering Committee of the state funded “Staro Sajmište“ Memorial Center in Belgrade.

Latest publications

  • (2023 – forthcoming) “Irony and subversive mimicry in (the Balkan) digital meme culture”, in Williams, Tom, Gediminas Gasparavicius and Maia Toteva (eds.), Walking with the enemy: The art of subversive mimicry in the post-truth era, Manchester, England: Manchester University Press.
  • (2023 – forthcoming) with Željko Šarić and Predrag Krstić (eds.), Holocaust and Theology, Belgrade: Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Faculty of Philosophy University of Banja Luka. [BCMS language]
  • (2023 – forthcoming) with Predrag Krstić and Marija Velinov, “Industrializing the Holocaust: The (American) debate on the instrumentalization of the Shoah at the turn of the century,“ Sociologija 2023/2. [Serbian language]
  • (2023 – forthcoming) with Čedomir Markov and Jelena Guga, “Divine genius, subversive hero, or creative entrepreneur? Exploring various facets of the artist as a mythical figure,” Bulletin of the Institute of Ethnography, SASA, 2023/1.
  • (2023 – forthcoming) “Internet art: Birth and critique of digital culture,” Život umjetnosti. [Serbian language]
  • (2022) “Jacques Derrida and the question what is theory, Theoria, Beograd 65(4): 137– [Serbian language]
  • (2022) „Two faces of mystification: Representation of the Holocaust in Arnold Schoenberg’s ‘A Survivor from Warsaw’ and Steve Reich’ s Different Trains“, Muzikologija 32: 183–198. [Serbian language]
  • (2022) „How to narrate the Holocaust (on film)? From history to communication,“ Zbornik radova Fakulteta dramskih umetnosti 41: 43–58. [Serbian language]